Fight Opioid Addiction

We must double our efforts in addressing the opioid addiction crisis that plagues our communities. It is destroying families, robbing people of hope, and sadly, taking too many lives. This problem can no longer remain in the shadows.

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In Congress, I will battle the opioid crisis with five key priorities:

      1. Ensure that all first responders have access to the lifesaving drug Narcan to bring people out of an overdose.
      2. Increase law enforcement resources to target drug dealers – particularly those who bring drugs across our borders.
      3. End the Medicaid Institutions for Mental Disease (IMD) exclusion for residential substance use disorder treatment. This outdated rule limits the number of beds a treatment facility can have and hinders the ability to help those in need.
      4. Increase funding to help states expand treatment facilities, and make certain that Indiana gets its fair share.
      5. Update privacy laws to make sure medical providers know if a person has struggled with opioid addiction when treating them for other ailments.