Steve Braun Signs Term Limit Pledge

Steve Braun, the conservative businessman running for Congress in Indiana's 4th District, signed the US Term Limits Congressional Pledge

By signing, Steve Braun pledged to sponsor and vote for an amendment that restricts those serving in the US House to three terms, and two terms for those in the Senate.

"Career politicians have run amuck without a limit in place. They have gone to Washington to focus on their careers, instead of the people they represent," said Braun.

"I'm not going to Washington to find a career. I spent 25 years in the private sector, building a business from scratch, creating hundreds of jobs, and balancing a budget. I'm running for Congress to use my experience to find solutions for growing jobs, securing the border, reducing regulations, cutting spending, and fixing a broken Washington, DC."

The pledge signed by Steve Braun (pictured below) comes from the advocacy group US Term Limits. Per the group's website, they distribute the pledge nationwide to every declared candidate for House and Senate.